Robotic Partial Nephrectomy of Endophytic Tumor: Technique and Result

  • Bruno Graça Departamento de Urologia, Hospital da Luz, Lisboa, Portugal; Departamento de Urologia, Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, Loures, Portugal
  • Rui Formoso Departamento de Urologia, Hospital da Luz, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Miguel Lourenço Departamento de Urologia, Hospital da Luz, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Kris Maes Centro de Cirurgia Robótica e Minimamente Invasiva do Hospital da Luz, Lisboa, Portugal
Keywords: Kidney Neoplasms, Nephrectomy, Robotic Surgical Procedures


Robotic surgery allows complex oncological renal surgery with at least equivalent safety and outcomes profiles when comparing to open and laparoscopic approach. We describe a robotic partial nephrectomy of an endophytic tumor with intraoperative ultrasound support and 10th month follow-up outcome.


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